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Wool Dryer balls wholesale

Wool Dryer balls are reusable, natural and chemical free alternative to conventional fabric softener or dryer sheets. It is suitable for sensitive skin or infants and young children . No chemical components added, which can replaced the chemical products such as softener, drying sheet and liquid softener.
1.Made up of 100% natural wool, eco-friendly, anti-static. No chemical. Wool dryer balls are safe for all types of skin, especially suitable for babies, children and those people with sensitive skin.

2. Makes use of the natural fabric softening and drying properties of wool to reduce drying time and softening clothes as they dry.
3.Shorten drying time by up to 25%. Reduce appliance usage, electricity bill, and save your waiting time. Set of 6-pack large felted balls with cotton bag, make great gift idea for mom.
4.Handmade in Nepal with care. All-natural organic alternative to liquid fabric softener, dryersheet & as seen on tv plastic dryer balls, to keep your household expense down.
1.Can reduce the drying time of 30%.
2.Wash times can reach 1000 times.
3.Soften clothing, reduce static electricity.
4.Eco-friendly Material,Suitable for all kinds of people.
5.Save money on your energy bill.

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