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Waterproof Mobile Bag Supplier

Are you looking for waterproof mobile bag supplier in China?Zheng Rui is a manufacturer of felt and felt products. The waterproof mobile bagis one of our many hot selling products.
The waterproof mobile bag is made 100% New Zealand wool, feel very good. And the bag is small and exquisite, carry it with you, easy and convenient.
Girls and boys are not the same, and the practical things do not like big, everything is small and exquisite. It is small and small, and the package should be small. The travel of all kinds of digital accessories should be accompanied by a small literature and art package, and the fashion is simple.
And our felt bag has a waterproof function. It is just the right thing to use it to install your mobile phone.
Our product is made purely by hand and is recommended for dry cleaning. If a shaving machine is repaired, it can be repaired.
Our products have a lot of colors and styles for you to choose.We can also accept custom.

Our products also include wool dryer balls,wool industrial felt and so on.If you need,please cntact us.

Waterproof Mobile Bag

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