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Natural Wool Dryer Ball Online

Zhengrui supply natural wool dryer ball in China.Our products adopt high quality New Zealand wool material.Itdoes not contain chemicals and synthetic products. It is easy to use on sensitive skin and baby clothes, naturally soften clothes, make your clothes as fluffy and soft as new ones.
The function of the drier ball is similar to the drying paper, so that the wool and the thread on your clothes are all dried out! To achieve super good drying effect, can reduce the drying time half!
A small amount of clothing can be used for 3 big balls, and a large number of clothes can be used with 5-6 big balls.
For the size of the felt ball, we can do the 3-10cm. The anti static felt ball used by the washing machine is more than 5cm, and the most of the customers is 7cm.
When the washing machine is running, the wool ball rolls inside and away, so that clothes can be separated from each other and will not be entangled in a cluster, so that the air can circulate more smoothly in it, and it can make clothes loose and reduce wrinkles.
In addition, the wool ball rolling in, will also have a role in gently beat clothes, the clothes soft, so, with more wool ball better, we recommend a set of 6 teeth used together, the effect is very good.

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natural wool dryer ball

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