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Felt Letter Board Wholesale

Felt Letter Board Description
Our felt letter board's are made out of high quality and durable material. It is very soft and pleasant to the touch and is also wear-resistant - it'll last.
Made of high quality chemical fibre felt, simple black bottom surface, the atmosphere without sacrificing elegance, simple but no detail.
The frame of this product is made of whole oak, and the handle is very delicate. The underside of the motherboard is made of felt and can form whatever word you want to say at any time. The new 290 variable letters, only you can't imagine
The ideal simple messaging board can be hung on a wall, propped on a table, or used as a camera prop.
You get the Best Felt Letter Board on the market! When we set out to make this letter board, we wanted the most elegant and clean design we could possibly get. The wood trim is a light beige color with a gorgeous natural wooden pattern.
Each set comes with 360 various letters, numbers, emojis, and symbols. The various letters and symbols hold in extremely well, you can shake the felt letter board around and the letters will stay in!
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Letter Board With Letters
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